Fermenters manufactured by Ashkan EQ Company :
• Operating pressure up to 10 bar
• Operating temperature up to 250 C
• Equipped with PLC controller system

Model Capacity (in liter  )
RF-US 75
RF-S 150
RF-M 300
RF-L 500
RF-UL 1000
Other  volumes are custom-made


The Fermenters usages:

  • Production active material, many kinds of drugs and vaccines for some diseases (e.g. cancer, AIDS and hepatitis)
  • Production different kinds of serums
  • Production some poisons (e.g. diphtheria by suspension incubation in the fermenter)




Construction Aspect Ratio 3:1 ASME Standard
Material Of Construction: 316L SS Vessel access: spring-assisted man way
Finish: 20 Ra [internal /external].  optional: electro polished interior
Agitation Drive : Bottom or Above Drive , Magnetic or mechanical seal
Impeller: Rushton Baffles: removable,316L stainless-steel
Speed(RPM) 50-500 45-450 50-400 30-300 30-350
AC Motor Size(hp.) 1 5 5 10 20
Ports Head plate 1″ tri-clamp ( DP transmitter/rupture disk/pressure transmitter)
2″ tri-clamp ( spray balls/exhaust condenser/level probes/septum)
Upper side wall ” NA-Connect (gas overlay) ” tapered tri-clamps ( SIP/CIP addition valves)
1″ tapered tri-clamp (pressure gauge) 4″ tapered tri-clamp ( viewing port )
Lower Side Wall ” NA-connects (RTD/thermoswell)
25mm Ingold ports (pH/spare DO)
1″ NA-connect (sample valve/sample system/sparge)
Bottom 1″ Drain valve Drain flange 1″ Na-connect Lower DP transmitter
Piping Material Of Construction: 316L SS Gaskets/EPDM and Silicon
Air line Line comes equipped with Rota meter, SIP inlet filter, and sparger. options include:

Ø  Thermal mass flow controller

Ø  Dual inlet air filters (in series)

Ø  Oxygen supplementation

Ø  Dual inlet air filters w/integrity – test ports

Ø  Overlay valve

Exhaust line Line designed for minimal backpressure, unregulated, and comes standard with heated exhaust filter and manual backpressure regulator. Option include:

Ø  Automatic back pressure control

Ø  Dual exhaust filters ( in parallel)

Ø  Exhaust condenser

Ø  Dual exhaust filters w/ integrity-test ports

Temperature control line All systems come with automatic sterilization as the standard. The line is designed to achieve temperature rises of 1°C/minute. Option include:

Ø  Glycol Heat Exchanger

Sensors pH/DO kit Redundant probe kit
Retractable probe housing Redox probe and transmitter
Additional Options Ø  21 CFR 11 compliant digital chart record

Ø  Nova septum sampling systems

Ø  Inputs for ancillary devices

Ø  User-definable fixed speed pumps

Ø  Variable speed pumps

Ø  Foam/level kit

Ø  Vessel volume via differential pressure

Ø  316L SS addition vessels

Ø  7- or 12- port septum

Ø  CIP interface / spray balls

Ø  Load cells

Ø  Marine and pitched-blade impellers

Ø  Validation packages

Ø  Scales for addition vessel

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