Mission statement

Ashkan EQ Company has a mission to use all its facilities to produce and supply the knowledge, equipment and materials needed by industrial or academic activists in various fields of materials and energy production, especially chemicals and petrochemicals.
The company has mostly focused on the domestic market and trying to meet the needs of domestic actors for materials and equipment, but tries to never miss global opportunities.
The company is proud to produce technological products using simple tools along with deep knowledge and skills, however, wherever there is a need for advanced technologies, Isfahan Rafe will have it.
Ashkan EQ Company believes in the sustainable and purposeful growth and development of human society in order to build a happy life for human beings, Therefore, it makes every effort to accurately lead the company so that it can continue to create value in production and entrepreneurship in society with a reasonable and fair profit.

Ashkan EQ, relying on its human capital and their knowledge and courage, which is embedded in the company’s organizational culture, intelligently and powerfully paves every difficult way in the path of its goals and its customers in order to successfully provide technological and quality services and products.