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About us

Company Introduction

Company name: Ashkan Equipment Spadana Company

Registration number: 3102

Date of establishment: 09/ July/ 2009

Standards: ISO9001 certificate

Managing director name: Mr. Mohammad Reza Fazeli

About us

History of the company

Ashkan Equipment Spadana Company, a manufacturer of pressure vessels, Reactor, Fermenter, Autoclave, Pilot Plant, Magnetic Coupling, started its activity in 2004 as a knowledge-based company and is proudly continuing its activities under the supervision of Isfahan Scientific Research Town. This company has always been a pioneer in designing and building up-to-date and new projects, and with the efforts of the technical and research team, has always been a researcher of the slogan “We can”.

Ashkan Equipment Spadana Company, considering the most important research projects of scientific and research centers, which are in fact a beacon of hope for progress in the chemical, petrochemical and mineral industries, as well as the need to use the company’s products in such activities, has tried to provide the highest quality and the lowest possible price, in turn, contributes to this goal.
Considering that each of the chemical, petrochemical and mineral processes requires the conditions of its own process environment and that sometimes providing a foreign sample of special devices of these processes is very costly and difficult, “Ashkan Equipment Spadana Company” It always tries to meet these needs and facilitate the provision of these needs of industries and provides its products to customers and hard-working researchers. As mentioned, to meet the various needs, this company intends to increase the variety of its products as much as possible and is still developing the collection with the aim of producing completely Iranian products for laboratories and industries large and small.

Utilizing a set of experts in various fields has increased the technical and supervisory knowledge of Ashkan EQ company.

Ashkan Equipment Spadana Company has used the QFD model in providing its services in order to achieve the highest satisfaction of customers and provide the desired quality services with God’s help.

Ashkan Equipment Spadana Company

Our managers

mohammad javad skandarTechnical manager



Mohammad reza fazeliAdministration Manager

Mohammad Reza FazeliCEO

Mohammad reza FazeliCEO


Executive Department

Duties of the department:Execution of projects

Department Manager:Mohammad Reza Fazeli

Contact information of the department: 09132138784

Financial Administration Department

Duties of the department: Do administrative and financial affairs

Department Manager: Hamid Kolahy

Contact information of the department: 09133196878

Engineering Technical Department

Duties of the department: Doing all the production of custom devices

Department Manager: Mohammad javad skandar

Contact information of the department: 09120320717

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